Treguennec, exceptionnal surf spot in south brittany.

the site

The bay of Audierne offers a wide range of wonderful landscapes with its beaches, cliffs and small harbours which make it a really charming place.
The gorgeous rocky and ragged coast in the north of the bay, between the Pointe du Raz and Audierne, is followed by Porz Poulhan (a small harbour), sandy and pebble beaches nestled in the cosy recess of coves, as well as the long (10km) and sublime fine sand beach bordered by long dunes that connects Penhors harbour to the Pointe de la Torche.

Right in the middle of these natural spaces, Tréguennec widely opens up onto the Atlantic Ocean, and its quietness is never disturbed by traffic-related noises.
The smallest of the towns in the Bigouden area looks like a big village whose quality of life and environment make it a place worth living in. In Tréguennec you can go for long lovely walks, particularly towards Saint-Vio, famous for its chapel and pond, or towards Tréogat and the great bird reserve at Trunvel pond.
The “Maison de la Baie” regularly offers activities such as hiking and the discovery of natural sites.

Tréguennec is a protected natural site, ranking among other valuable European sites, situated half way through this long beach, in magic surroundings between ponds and the ocean. There the He’enalu surfing school welcomes you all year long.

the spot

The spot called The West Coast of Finistère, is usually considered as the most interesting as far as surfing in Bretagne is concerned. The rough seas and swells that characterize this area offer a wide range of various spots (including big wave spots).The coast relief that is varied and steep will enable you to go surfing either on beachbreaks or on reefbreaks. The great variety of spots on this coast will thrill both experienced surfers and learners.

Away from crowded spots, Tréguennec embodies the surfing spirit above all characterized by freedom and open spaces. Far from crowds and overcrowded line-ups, the waves there are not used as much as in other places and are of good quality, and can be a good alternative to the most famous and usually favourite sites, like those at La Pointe de la Torche, Tronoen or Penhors.

Oriented towards the west, the spot in Tréguennec is the perfect place for surfing, whatever your level (experienced surfers or learners). Thanks to its perfect orientation, this spot has the smallest swells in summer and can be used whatever the tide is like. Just like all the other spots around, it unveils all its charms when east/north east winds blow. The quality and frequency of its waves have built its reputation, as well as its perfect shape.

This spot is characterized by a great variety of waves that break on sandy ocean bottoms, and has several distinct surfing zones that each surfer can choose from according to his own technical level. When the tide is high, or getting high, the waves that break on this spot are long and changing, thus more accessible and ideal for a safe start in the water. As the tide gets low, waves gain in energy. They are more powerful and can be compared to those one can find in the Landes area!
A sandbar that is parallel to the coast and situated some hundred metres from the main entrance to the beach serves as a filter against great swells and makes it possible for other clean waves to form themselves near the edge of the water, thus creating a surface of water that is less submitted to the wind.

It is also possible to surf on numerous high-quality peaks that are higher and more powerful, when getting closer to La Torche (towards the “crusher” and Tronoen), while when going up north (towards Plovan), the waves are smaller and less hollow.

Beside the fact that the instructor can choose the place according to the level of his group, and thus optimize his teaching, the spot of Treguennec enables all surfers to find the best conditions adapted to their skills and up to their expectations.

It is thus the ideal playground to surf always better, and more than a surfing school, is a real “school of the sea”.