Quality charter and commitments of the surf school

Our commitment to security

He’enalu surfing school is registered at the departemental direction of the Youth and Sports under the number ET0011555.

  • The learners are supervised by experienced instructors having a state-delivered diploma, who also hold a first aid certificate for sea interventions.
  • Affichage des diplômes et des cartes professionnelles, des assurances et de l’organisation des secours.
  • The instructors attended a special training course on how to organize rescue operations, and they have all the necessary equipment for rescue operations at sea (rescue board or pair of flippers), a mobile phone to call for help and a first aid kit.
  • Diplomas, professional cards, insurances and rescue organization documents are all displayed.
  • Each instructor supervises 8 learners max.
  • The learners wear color Lycra suits so as to be spotted and identified more easily.
  • The equipment (suits, leashes, boards…) is very well looked after, and has no dangerous ruggedness or sharp edge.
  • The surfing areas are marked out with flags out of overcrowded surfing areas.
  • The safety rules are explained systematically after warming-up at the beginning of each lesson, and the learners are reminded of the priority rules as well as of the friendliness that characterizes the practise of surfing.

Our commitment towards the environment

  • The sea, the beach, the dunes: a fragile environment for our passion. We have the feeling that everybody should feel concerned by the protection of the environment and it is one of the priorities of the school, which is situated in a conservation area. We try to increase our learners’ awareness of the necessity to respect our environment and of pollution problems. So, let’s not leave our rubbish on the beach, and let’s use the bins that are provided for public use. So as not to disturb the ecological balance, let’s not destroy the vegetation and let’s use the paths that have been created in the dunes.